About ShaQ

ShaQ is a bidding engine that can be seamlessly integrated with any existing environment. It fits all types of ERP, including Oracle, SAP, and In-House. Whether you are a shipper, TMS, or any active member of the supply chain, ShaQ can be used as a tool to easily compile your quotes. With the freight industry facing a digital revolution, it is important to keep up with the trends and optimize freight procedures. Let’s Shaq!


  • Data in real time
  • Always a solution
  • World Wide Network
  • No Setup Fees
  • Open APIs
  • Web Based
  • Scalable
  • Pay as you ShaQ

Product info

Invitation Rules:
You can create a public or private ShaQ, choosing to allow access to specific bidders or opening your quotation to all bidders on the platform.
Define the ACL of your organisation.
Get it now:
Set up your target goals and let the system take care of the rest. ShaQ will auto-accept the bids that fit your specific objectives.
Bidders management:
Enable or Remove Bidders at will.
Decision Time:
No bid can be validated before the time limit is reached.
Bid file upload:
Upload a file joined to any of your bids.
Shaq validity:
Your ShaQ can be open as long as you choose.
Bid validity:
Once you bid on a ShaQ, you can set up the expiration time of your offer.
Custom Settings:
Choose your currency, measurement systems, and much more.
Live chat in ShaQ with anyone you choose!
Choose how ShaQ will notify you about updates (emails, web notifications, etc.)
Our Rating Engines option allows you to compare any of your negotiated rates with the ongoing bids of your quotation.
You can rate and rank your bids and bidders.
Custom design:
Use your corporate logo and colors thanks to ShaQ's custom branding of the ShaQ.
Saml with Oauth provider (google, facebook...).
Open Shaq:
APIs and Websocket for your applications.